Ways to prevent injuries when dancing Zumba

Zumba includes dance movements and aerobics based on lively youthful music. These dance moves are combined from hip-hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, squat and lunges. These dances create a unique and charm experience during practice.


Zumba dance moves require the practitioner to pay attention to perform fast, strong, twisting, turning, and moving movements. So you should start with simple exercises for beginners before you start dancing.


Although Zumba is suitable for all ages, and it is not difficult to dance, but also because of the strong fast dance moves, Zumba can leave injuries if you do not pay attention.

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Common injuries when dancing Zumba


– Knee injury: The knee joint is a complex joint and is quite responsible for body movements such as standing, sitting, running, jumping, stretching, etc. Many different injuries can be caused in knee joints, in which patella tendonitis is the most common disease in dancers or Zumba practitioners who practice high intensity.

– Injury to the legs and ankles: tendon heel injuries affecting the ankles, toe cramps.

Ways to prevent injuries when dancing Zumba

How to prevent injuries when practicing Zumba

– You should dance Zumba around 1 hour/day,  then spending plenty of rest time for the body, to avoid foot pain, fatigue still try to practice dancing, leading to overexertion.

– Intermingle different dance exercises, according to many easy difficulty levels, to strengthen the muscles and uniformly all parts of the body.

– Choose a pair of shoes that support the knees and feet, are able to absorb shock, reduce the impact on the knee. Besides, the shoes need to be breathable, lightweight and have good floor grip.

– Wear suitable clothes when dancing. Should wear elastic, comfortable, good sweat absorbing.

– Always warm-up before exercising.

– Select a prestigious/professional dance center with the appropriate curriculum.

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Zumba dancing helps with weight loss

This is a great benefit that Zumba brings. According to experts, dancing Zumba continuously for one hour can help you reduce 500-700 calories. Zumba dance for an hour, you will feel like passing quickly because Zumba exercises are fun and dance on the background music vibrant. Not only helps to lose weight, but Zumba also brings joy, mental comfort. That is why Zumba is selected by many women to lose weight more than other sports.

Zumba dancing helps to tone the body

Unlike other gymnastics, to dance Zumba you need to operate all parts of the body, from head to toe, from blood to bone, heart, from feet, hands, knees, back, hips, butt, … You will have to move your body to the music, the muscles are mobilized to the maximum to perform movements such as twist, squat, twist.

Thanks to these movements, your body will be firmer and slimmer.

If you are not a professional dancer and still in the process of learning and practicing, it is best to look for prestigious dance schools to be taught detailed and clear technical movements by teachers.

Signing up for a Zumba dance at a professional dance center will also help you choose the right Zumba classes that suit you better, and avoiding injury.

However, if you can’t go to the Zumba dance center for some reason, you can practice Zumba at home with YouTube videos, starting with the beginner level first.

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