Bubba 9 Inch Flex Fillet Knife Reivew

Bubba 9 Inch Flex Fillet Knife

The FLEX Bubba Blade filler knife is made of high carbon stainless steel for unbelievable strength and durability. Covered with a non-stick surface to prevent rust, this 9-inch fillet knife is tapered with a sharp blade and a 6-inch non-slip handle. The thumb and fingers make filleting comfortable while the security guards shield you from the blades and fish spines.


  • 9 ” fillet knife from Bubba Blade
  • Non-slip handle 6 ”
  • Constructed full tang made from a piece of steel
  • Extremely balanced, strong and durable
  • Coated with a nonstick surface bonded to Titanium to prevent rust
  • The trigger handle can handle the additional pressure
  • Thumb and finger for comfort
  • Safe protection from blades and fish
  • High carbon stainless steel construction
  • The mill is sharpened by hand for a sharp blade
  • Rockwell hardness rating 56-58
  • Custom black synthetic housing with the included VELCRO┬« brand strap
  • VELCRO┬« is a registered trademark of Velcro, used with permission.
  • Model: BB1-9TF
  • Brand: Bubba Blade
  • Country of origin: United States of America

Guide to filleting fish with a BUBBA BLADE 9 Inch

Why Do You Need The Best Cordless Electric Fish Fillet Knife?

Bubba Blade has a lot to offer when it comes to knives. They come in a variety of types that are manufactured to serve the different needs people have when cleaning and filleting fish. You will have to decide which type of knife to receive depending on the size of the fish you prefer to work with.

You can still choose to take all to make sure you always have what you need for other fish and fillet. Another great feature of Bubba blades is that they are handy in domestic settings as well as for professional cooks.

They are affordable and are considered a good investment if you are an avid fisherman. In addition, you can get a sharpening tool that works on individual blades and comes with a separate sheath.

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